Standing Up for the Climate

Last month the largest rally on climate change in history took place in Washington, D.C. with companion events in other cities across the county. As a follow-up and to keep pressure on the Administration and Congress to take meaningful action on climate change, a group called Interfaith Moral Action on Climate (IMAC) is organizing another protest outside the White House on March 21st. Participants will be gathering in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House at 11 am. If you are going to be in Washington then or are interesting in showing solidarity with their actions, we at the RAC encourage you to do so.

From IMAC’s Description of the event:

“March 21st action will occur at a critical moment:  Many of our religious communities will be preparing for Passover and Holy Week, (Palm Sunday begins Holy Week on March 24; the first night of Passover is on Monday, March 25), even as our President faces a profound decision that will affect our planet – teetering on the edge of a climate tipping point – and the human communities throughout the Earth already suffering the effects of the climate crisis and threatened with more and worsening disasters.

As we observe the upcoming holy days, our ancient sacred wisdoms remind us that top-down power must be called to account for us to win through to the Promised Land, the Beloved Community. “

Image Courtesy of the ICJ Project.

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Zachary Rosenberg

About Zachary Rosenberg

Zachary Rosenberg is a 2012-2013 Eisendrath Legislative Assistant at the RAC. He is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico and graduated from Occidental College in 2011.

One Response to “Standing Up for the Climate”

  1. Climate change? Assuming that CO2 causes climate change, the only real solutions is massive depopulation.

    Recycling some bottles and driving a Prius aint gonna cut it. If we do away with the oil that makes fertilizer and drives the equipment that tends fields and delivers food to market the earth can support perhaps a tenth of its current population.

    Get real or go home. Birth control is the only real answer to climate change. Everything else is leftist propaganda.

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