The Relevance of Passover: Gun Violence Prevention Seder Supplement

This post is part of our Passover series, in which we think about the application of our age-old Passover story and traditions to the crucial issues we face today. For ways to infuse your seder with social justice, see our holiday guide.

When 30,000 Americans die each year due to gun violence, it is time to acknowledge that we are suffering from a modern plague. When schoolchildren are gunned down by single shooter with a high-capacity magazine, we suffer from a modern plague. And, when criminals can buy weapons without having their backgrounds checked, we suffer from a modern plague. As we observe Passover, we retell the story of the exodus not merely to recall our own historical path to freedom, but as a reminder that more work remains to realize and secure such liberty. When we gather with our families next week, and partake in the ritual of the seder, we must pause to reflect on our modern plagues.

While we generally speak of the Four Children, including the wise, the wicked, the simple, and those who do not know what to ask, this seder we add the fifth child, or the one who is no longer with us to ask. For many families, this fifth child is represented by an empty seat at the table, and it is incumbent upon us to tell their stories and to ask their questions. This Passover, consider using our gun violence prevention supplement.

Download the gun violence prevention seder supplement here.

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Mikey Pasek

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Mikey Pasek is an Eisendrath Legislative Assistant. He is from Philadelphia, PA, and is a graduate of Bates College. Follow Mikey on twitter @mikeypasek and on the web at

2 Responses to “The Relevance of Passover: Gun Violence Prevention Seder Supplement”

  1. We have certainly not looked at it like that, but you may have brought to mind some things We’ve never viewed as from the past. I understand this was not a really significant topic, but I do enjoy what you stated. I’ll be studying your blog a lot more often.

  2. Background checks for gun ownership have been in place for years. Like most govt services / programs…. it has not worked as intended.

    Funny, you never hear the real stats. Legal gun ownership reduces violent crime.

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