Solving One Piece Of My Life Puzzle

You never know. You never know what an experience will hold; you never know how life can change; you never know how you can change; you never know what you may discover. Something that I have learned this summer, however, is that it is okay to not know. Within our first few weeks of being here, former White House Jewish Liaison Zach Kelly gave us an important piece of advice: do not be concerned with your future job title. Being that I have many interests and am a future-oriented person, I appreciated his advice because I suddenly no longer felt in a rush to decide exactly what I wanted to do in my life. Being on Machon Kaplan, I have learned that each piece of my journey and each experience with which I engage helps me reach that goal, so there is no need to rush.

One example of something I accomplished that unintentionally gave me a little insight into what I want to do in the future was through my internship site, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. In my time at JCPA, I created a Resource Guide for Young Adults (for Hillel’s and college students). I wanted to create something tangible that JCPA could utilize to foster a relationship with a new audience and that could help their institutional brand. Utilizing my Public Relations major (and keeping in mind that I’m not too interested in working on policy issues in the future), I tailored my internship responsibilities to fit what I like to do: publicize and form relationships.

Machon Kaplan has encouraged me to struggle with what I am interested in, to question why people hold certain views, why I hold certain views, to truly struggle with whether or not I want to become a rabbi, and more. And, for once in my life, I am okay with not knowing all of the answers, which is a significant step for me. The answers will come on their own, as I learned at the JCPA. I am proud to say that Machon Kaplan has helped me reach such a vital conclusion that will make me a more patient leader and person.

Tara LevineTara Levine grew up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania as a congregant at Temple Judea of Bucks County. She now attends Temple University where she studies Strategic Communications and Jewish Studies and is an Assistant Unit Head at Congregation Rodeph Shalom.

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