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Dig into Food Day with Tomorrow’s Eco-Kashrut Webinar

I hope you’re hungry, because tomorrow is Food Day and the RAC will be serving up a fresh webinar. Tune in a 10:00am EST for Eco-Kashrut: How Judaism Informs our Ethical Food Choices to hear from our special guests, Seth Goldman, TeaEO of Honest Tea, and Rabbi Mary Zamore, editor of “The Sacred Table: Creating a Jewish Food Ethic.”

Seth Goldman will bring us the perspective of a beverage-producing corporation with a mission that embodies the principles of food justice. Honest Tea is committed to using organic ingredients, promoting a healthy diet and ensuring Fair Trade working standards in the developing world.

Rabbi Mary Zamore is a long-time advocate for the environment and ethical eating. In “The Sacred Table,” various experts in the field of Jewish food ethics offer up personal and communal perspectives on food production, the environment, personal health, agricultural workers’ rights, animal rights, the spirituality of eating and fasting, gratitude, caring for the hungry, the challenges of eating together, and more.

Join the RAC in commemorating Food Day by joining the Eco-Kashrut: How Judaism Informs our Ethical Food Choices webinar tomorrow at 10:00am. In our daily morning prayer, we say, “Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu, melekh ha’olam poke’ach ivrim – Blessed are you who opens the eyes of the blind.” Allow this webinar to open your eyes to the many environmental challenges faced by our current global food system and how you can be an advocate for ethical food in your personal life and your community.

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Sophie Golomb

About Sophie Golomb

Sophie Golomb is a 2013-2014 Eisendrath Legislative Assistant at the RAC. She graduated in 2013 from Brandeis University and is originally from Brooklyn, NY where she is a member of Brooklyn Heights Synagogue.

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