Iran Talks Deadline Passes, but Negotiations Continue

It’s the first day of July, which means that the original deadline for a final agreement between the P5+1 and Iran has now come and passed. Yet, negotiators are still working diligently: in a widely-expected move yesterday, negotiators agreed to a seven-day extension of the talks to iron out the final details of the agreement. The extension comes at a time when the political will for an agreement, especially on the Iranian side, is being questioned: Supreme Leader Khamenei is now asserting that sanctions must be lifted before Iran starts dismantling its nuclear program, a non-starter for the countries in the P5+1. Over this next week, we will find out how serious the Supreme Leader’s demands are.

Against this backdrop, Prime Minister Netanyahu has continued his advocacy against the deal, arguing at a Jewish Agency event that the deal is “getting worse by the day” and calling on the governments of the United States and the P5+1 not to sign the deal. For his part, President Obama has threatened to walk away from the talks if Iran cannot stick to the terms of the framework agreement.

As we enter the 20th month of these nuclear negotiations, it’s easy to get weary of all the extensions, deals and political posturing. Yet especially as these negotiations come to a close, we must remember the incredible importance of limiting the spread of nuclear weapons, and the need to keep Iran from obtaining any nuclear weaponry. In a scary situation with few good options, we hope for the emergence of a strong deal that will unquestionably prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

To keep updated on the nuclear negotiations, keep checking RACblog and the RAC issue page on Iran.

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