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How the Ryan Budget Harms Our Children

By Ryan Murphy

Last week, the House Budget Committee officially released its 2015 budget resolution, entitled: The Path to Prosperity.  Although the document is merely symbolic due to the bipartisan budget agreement reached last month between House and Senate, it is an important indication of what could emerge from Congress in the near future.  According to Congressman Paul Ryan, the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and key author of the document, “this budget is our vision for how we should fix this country’s fiscal problem.” Read more…

Paul Ryan’s Budget Hurts Veterans

By Rev. Brian P. Adams

Rep. Paul Ryan wants us to think that his 2014 Fiscal Year Budget is good for veterans, as it raises funding for veterans’ concerns to $145.730 billion, which is about $9 billion higher than the request from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Yet the budget is not good for veterans overall, as it decreases the funding for many government services that are intended for all people in need, and on which many veterans depend. Such programs are often criticized by judging the recipients of aid as lazy moochers. Our veterans certainly do not fall into that category. Read more…

Paul Ryan holding a copy of his FY14 budget

Let The Appropriations Games Commence

This post is first in a series that will highlight the effects of the House Budget Committee’s budget, or “the Ryan Budget,” on the most vulnerable Americans.

As the Congressional appropriations process moves forward, the horse trading and endless debate is set to begin. While the top-line number (the total amount of funding included in the budget) was agreed to in the budget conference committee chaired by Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Paul Ryan earlier this year, how funding will be distributed within the framework is still anyone’s guess. Read more…

President Obama with young child on his lap, sitting in elementary school classroom

Obama’s Big Budget

Earlier this month, President Obama released his budget for fiscal year 2015, which proposes new programs, withdraws some past proposals and reduces the deficit. We applaud the President, as the budget reflects the commandment in Proverbs 31:9 to, “speak up, judge righteously, champion the poor and the needy.” Read more…

National Housing Trust Fund logo of an apartment building with the slogan "a home is the foundation"

Support the National Housing Trust Fund!

On Friday, the Center For American Progress hosted Housing Finance Reform: What Does It Mean for Rental Housing?with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan. The event touched on many topics, including the future of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the importance of rental housing and how the recession has changed the housing market. While it got a bit technical, one topic of discussion of deep value to the Reform Movement was the National Housing Trust Fund. Read more…

Clip Art of a small farm plot with various types of housing behind it.

Funding Returns For Many Housing and Anti-Hunger Programs!

The omnibus appropriations bill is the biggest piece of annual legislation for anti-poverty programs. While it does not change funding levels for many of the largest anti-poverty programs including Social Security, SNAP and Medicaid (these are mandatory spending programs and fund all eligible applicants), it sets the funding levels for ALL other anti-poverty programs—including all federal housing programs and many anti-hunger programs that make up the social safety net. Let’s look at a few of the federal programs fighting hunger and homelessness funded in the omnibus. Read more…

children playing

The Problem with Offsets: Disability and Unemployment Insurance

The Senate has been working to extend unemployment insurance, but so far has failed to reach an agreement. One suggestion has been to pay for a one-year extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation by cutting SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance, for those who concurrently receive unemployment insurance.  This proposed “solution” has many complications, chief among them that this suggestion uniquely and significantly hurts those with disabilities and sets a dangerous precedent by reducing allocations for other social programs to pay for Social Security. Read more…

Picture of Senate Approprations Committee Chairwoman Barbard Mikulski Behind A Large, Powerful Desk

The Omnibus Has Arrived!

This week, Congress unveiled a bipartisan omnibus appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2014–meaning it includes the final funding appropriations for all discretionary government programs. The bill is so large that Congress voted today to fund the government through this Saturday in a stop-gap measure to give each Member of Congress and their staff time to wade through all 1,500 pages of the bill. This marks the first time in four years congress has passed an omnibus appropriations bill. Read more…