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Cross, Star of David, Islamic crescent

Reflecting on Interfaith Issues in Israel

By Joey Rosen

On the plane back from my Year-In-Israel as part of my first year of rabbinical school at HUC-JIR, I had the privilege of sitting next to a man who had participated in a Christian mission trip in Israel. It was a pleasure sharing with him my journey that led me to rabbinical school, a conversation he might have never had before. I also got to enjoy a different perspective on seeing Israel for the first time, as I had no previous knowledge of how a Christian mission trip to Israel works. But before he said ‘God Bless’ and dozed off for the nine hour flight, he made a comment to me about how the Christians of America were cheering for us in our war against the Muslims, who are polluting the land with violence and treachery. Read more…

Our Shared, Sacred Earth: Reflecting on the Papal Encyclical

By Jenn Queen

Combating climate change is a moral imperative. Faith leaders have been calling for better policies and encouraging better personal practices to turn the tide of climate change for years. This week, the Vatican released Pope Francis’ latest encyclical (a papal letter sent to all bishops of the Roman Catholic Church stating the Vatican’s position on a particular issue), which details a strong connection between faith and environmental stewardship.

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What Is the Pope’s Encyclical and Why Should Jews Care?

Today, the Vatican released Pope Francis’s encyclical titled Laudato Si, which roughly translates to Praised Be. The encyclical details a theology of “integrated ecology” – connecting care for the poor with environmental stewardship – leading many to call this an eco-encyclical, and Pope Francis the Green Pope. The document details specifically the human causes of climate change and our sacred obligation to care for our earth and combat climate disruption.

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prayer vigil at Morris Brown AME

Searching for Words After the Unspeakable

By Micah Feinstein

Charleston, South Carolina is a quaint coastal city where many families, like mine, head for a reinvigorating weekend escape. Similarly, a house of worship is where one goes to find solace in times of need. On Wednesday night, June 17, 2015, a single gunman shot through this idyllic safe haven, opening fire on congregants attending a prayer meeting at one of the oldest black churches in the nation, Emanuel AME in Charleston, leaving nine dead and millions more with questions. Read more…

Stop Gun Violence

Building Laws That Prevent Gun Violence  

By Jenn Queen

In gematria, Jewish numerology, the number 40 is incredibly significant. It is the number of days of the flood in Genesis, the years the Israelites wandered in the desert and the days and nights spent waiting for Moses to descend Mt. Sinai with the Torah. It is also an important figure of a new study published yesterday in the American Journal of Public Health: the percentage by which gun deaths have decreased in Connecticut since the implementation of handgun purchaser licensing legislation. Read more…

Why I’m Attending the Earth-Faith-Peace Teach-In

June 1 marked the beginning of the six month countdown towards the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris, France. In advance of this convening and in the spirit of international work on climate change, Religions for Peace USA is hosting an interfaith Teach-In on climate justice and coalition building with emerging faith leaders from around the country and the world. I will be attending and helping lead elements of this Teach-In as a representative for the Reform Movement.

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Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner at the Center for American Progress Today!

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner, Director of the RAC, will be speaking at a panel today at the Center for American Progress called “Harnessing Faith to Work for Justice.” Rabbi Pesner will be joined on the panel by Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III,  Senior Pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, IL, and it will be moderated by Jocelyn Frye, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress.

During the panel, Rabbi Pesner and Rev. Moss will discuss how their faith inspires their work on key social justice issues, and how they overcome challenges in their work. They will also focus on issues such as economic inequality, racial justice, work-family policies and more.

Read more about the event and watch the livestream at 12PM ET today here.

Vatican Basilica

Vatican Recognizes Palestinian Statehood

Early Wednesday, the Vatican used the term “State of Palestine” in an official document, a move that has been strongly criticized by the Israeli government. The Vatican had already recognized the entity after it was granted “non-member observer status” at the United Nations in 2012, but this document marks one of the highest profile occasions in which the “State of Palestine” term has been used. The document comes in advance of an agreement between the Vatican and the Palestinians. Read more…