Countdown to Sunny San Diego!

Our WRJ 49th Assembly & Centennial Celebration is waiting for us just around the corner. Many will begin their travel this weekend; others will journey just after the week begins. What’s all this excitement about? What does it mean? What will you learn? Who will you meet? I promise that questions like these are on everyone’s mind!

Incredibly, this San Diego Assembly marks my 15th NFTS/WRJ Assembly. I well remember my first journey, traveling to L.A. with my friend and local sisterhood colleague Nancy. We were like kids going to a gigantic candy store… we had no idea what we were doing, but were determined to experience all of it as we didn’t want to miss a thing. We couldn’t begin to imagine Shabbat with so many Jews who all read and chanted and sang. All in all, we both left Lancaster, PA to begin a very special lifetime journey that at the time, we couldn’t have imagined.

I remember staring at the dais a tall those wonderful women. They were amazing and I wondered, how did they know how to do all of this? I went to a workshop with the most fabulous Texan I’ve ever met, Davna Brook. I sat on the floor because I was so young and her workshop was a hot commodity. She was passionate, smart, warm, and competent all at the same time. Years later I had the pleasure of doing a leadership workshop with her; we reminisced and laughed a lot. So I encourage you to meet as many new fabulous women as you can; networking is half the fun.

So what should you expect? Imagine thousands of Jews who care as much as you do and love celebrating their Judaism. Another fact I learned: it’s quite liberating to know that there are hundreds of other women who are the last to leave the Oneg (as husbands and kids give that killer-stare longing to go home) and the first to lend a hand wherever it is needed. I learned, early on, that I wasn’t alone; many other women care and do the same in their local sisterhoods and congregations as I do. Indeed, you will be among like-minded women from around the world.

Also, you’ll never be alone. Even first timers who travel themselves connect with others so be sure to bring your business cards so you can stay in touch at home. And be sure to bring pens/pencils and a notebook to write everything you hear and learn. Bring your checkbook and charge cards so you can visit the largest Judaica shop in the world (and be sure to stop by the WRJ booth too!). Most of all, bring an open mind, like a toddler whose brain is like a sponge; soak up everything you see and hear.

Fifteen assemblies later and I am still so excited that Ihave butterflies in my stomach. I can’t wait for the hugs and kisses and the warmest greetings. Make sure you give me your hug—just walk up and say hi Ro… promise a hug in return! See you soon San Diego…here comes WRJ!

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Rosanne M. Selfon

About Rosanne M. Selfon

Rosanne M. Selfon is Women of Reform Judaism's Immediate Past President and Chair of WRJ's Centennial Committee. She attends Congregation Shaarai Shomayim in Lancaster, PA.

3 Responses to “Countdown to Sunny San Diego!”

  1. Rosanne: You have been central for so many of us who have experienced your gracious, warm, competent, intelligent, sensitive and passionate self ushering our journeys with WRJ. We are blessed to have you still very much a leader, model and host for our organization!
    Much love and appreciation,

  2. Lynn Magid Lazar

    All I can say is AMEN SISTER! And I also promise the hugs!
    Counting down……

  3. I, personally, cannot wait to see you and hug you!!!!!!

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