Rabbi Michael L. Feshbach

Rabbi Michael L. Feshbach is the rabbi of the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas in St. Thomas, VI. He is a senior rabbinic fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute of Jerusalem, Israel.

April Showers, May Flowers, and Searching for Hope Amid the Pandemic

Rabbi Michael L. Feshbach
April 23, 2020

We see everything around us through a coronavirus-colored lens these days, searching the past for clues about what is to come. This month, I'm using the rhyme about April showers and May flowers as an occasion for hope, seeing every holiday in May as part of this unfolding pandemic.

Which of Our Actions Will Change the World?

Rabbi Michael L. Feshbach
March 21, 2018

I play a game when I read the paper, posing these questions: Which stories will fade quickly? Which will we remember years from now? Which will change our world forever?