Rabbi Vicki Tuckman, z"l

Rabbi Vicki Tuckman, z”l, served as the rabbi and director of Jewish life at URJ Camp Harlam, a Reform Jewish summer camp in Kunkletown, PA, and as the spiritual leader of Temple Micah in Lawrenceville, N.J. She passed away in April 2015.


Rosh Chodesh: A Monthly Ritual

Rabbi Vicki Tuckman, z"l
May 24, 2013

I started a new congregational position this year. The job, which is part-time, is at a wonderful congregation that meets in a 315-year old Presbyterian church. Since my working hours are limited, I am focused on making the most of my time there.

Leading a Passover Seder: The Freedom to be Creative!

Rabbi Vicki Tuckman, z"l
February 28, 2013

I do not have enough fingers and toes on which to count the various kinds of Passover seders I have participated in or led. So many have been close to my heart, building and reinforcing my Jewish identity year after year. All have fulfilled the educational...

Eco-Kosher's Biblical Roots

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Melanie Aron

October 3, 2012
For almost twenty-five years, since his article, "Toward an Ethical Kashrut," was published with Rebecca Alpert in the journal Reconstructionist in the spring of 1987,1 Rabbi Arthur Waskow has been talking about standards of kashrut that extend beyond the traditional ritual requirements. In his book Down-to-Earth Judaism: Food, Money, Sex...