Celebrating Secular Holidays

Do Jews celebrate secular holidays?

Yes, Jews have always observed civic and secular holidays. Some synagogues have a national flag on display and many synagogues participate in interfaith observances of holidays such as Thanksgiving and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Learn more.

Learn how to celebrate these holidays Jewishly with prayers, blessing, blost posts and articles.

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Holiday Resources

Five Jewish Readings for Memorial Day

Memorial Day may not be a Jewish holiday, but the concept of remembering and honoring our dead is certainly a Jewish value. Here are a few Memorial Day prayers you may wish to recite in honor of this holiday.

Halloween: A Jewish Perspective for Parents

The question of how to handle Halloween - whether to participate, and if so, how - is one that is often discussed amongst Jewish parents as the holiday approaches. Reform Jewish tradition guides us to make decisions based on “informed choice.”

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No, Thank *You* For Your Service

It wasn't because of 9/11. It wasn't because I had a tradition of military service in my family. And while the pay and benefits are nice, it wasn't for those reasons, either. That wasn't why I joined the U.S. Air Force Reserves in 2003 and later switched to the Air National Guard. I joined for the same reason I became a rabbi: I have a desire to serve others and be part of something larger than myself.

A Jewish Take on New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Day and the traditional resolutions that accompany it invite us to take stock of our lives. Are we living our lives to the fullest? Can we imagine a future in which the commitments we make for ourselves (e.g., healthier habits around eating and exercise) actually come true? What will it take this year to really change?