Life as a Banquet: A Thanksgiving Prayer

Editor's not: Strictly speaking, Thanksgiving isn’t a Jewish holiday, but we know Jews from a wide range of backgrounds take this time to give thanks, to affirm the many contributions Indigenous People have made, to take the time to learn about the land we are on, to pursue justice, and most commonly, to give the gift of time and connection to those we love most.

God of sacred time,
Source of sacred space,
Creator of holiness,
Divine light of wonder and awe,
My vision is clouded,
My sight limited,
The horizon of this world binds my perceptions.
What I see and what I know are tied to my awareness.

Heavenly hand of wisdom,
Guardian of realms above and realms below,
You who give understanding and insight,
Grant me the grace to live my life as a banquet,
A river of abundance and blessing
That yields food and clothing and shelter,
That I accept with humility and thanksgiving.
Give me the strength and compassion
To share these gifts with those in need,
To become an instrument of Divine bounty.

You who provide gifts beyond measure,
Guide me with Your love,
Teach me with Your holiness,
Show me the path to charity and service,
So that I live a life of dignity and honor,
With reverence for Your creation.

Blessed are You, God of time and space,
Providing bounty to be shared.



© 2010 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.