8 Ways to Connect With Jewish Life On Campus

August 26, 2019Evan Traylor

It’s that time of the year again: moving into new dorms and apartments, catching up with friends after a great summer, buying (way-too-expensive) textbooks, and double-checking schedules to make sure you get to the right class. The start of every school year is always exciting, but this year is special because there are even more ways to connect and get involved with Reform Jewish life throughout the year!

  1. Create your own campus event: Through a Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) College Grant, you can receive up to $100 to put together your own Shabbat dinner, holiday event, or meet-up for Reform students. Check out Men of Reform Judaism grants, too, for even bigger events on campus.
  2. Support NFTY events: Apply to staff events in your area and mentor the next generation of Jewish teen leaders through NFTY: The Reform Jewish Youth Movement. 
  3. Join a campus organization: Whether it’s your local Hillel, Jewish fraternity or sorority, or Israel group, there are plenty of Jewish campus organizations to join.
  4. Join the 2019 URJ Biennial in December: Check out the two ways for college students to join us at the largest Jewish gathering in North America - with 5,000 other Reform Jews! 
  5. Find online resources: Check out ReformJudaism.org's college life page for ways to get involved on campus and other programs to explore.
  6. Apply for a new fellowship: If you’re leading Reform services on campus, apply now for a fellowship to grow your skills this year.
  7. Find a place for High Holidays: The High Holidays begin in late September, but it’s never too early to figure out your plans. Sign-up to get connected to a Reform congregation or, if you're studying abroad, use the World Union for Progressive Judaism's “Find a Community" app to locate a Reform/Progressive or Reconstructionist synagogue in 51 countries around the world.
  8. Do Jewish social justice: Connect with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism and begin your work on a social justice issue in your community

And this is just the beginning! Watch out for new fellowships, resources for High Holidays, and more throughout the school year.

Have any questions, comments, or ideas? Let us know!

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