Nisim B’chol Yom (Prayer for Daily Miracles) for Coronavirus

March 16, 2020Amy Asin

Praised be the Eternal God, Source of the Universe...

...who has implanted mind and instinct within every living being. Who has given us a new day where we are alive and we too can see the difference between day and night, between light and darkness, between true and false, and between appropriate concern and panic

...who has made me a Jew or connected to the Jewish community.  Who has given me the obligation, the tools and the resources to strive to act like a human being when others may be driven by fear, homophobia, racism.

...who has made be to be free. While my ability to be in physical community may be limited, help me see that I am still free to make choices every minute, every day.

...who opens the eyes of the blind. Please God, open the eyes of those in positions to make decisions for the community, for those researching new tests and vaccines, and cures. Give them the peace of mind to be clear-eyed as they do their work.

...who provides clothes for the naked. We all feel so incredibly vulnerable. As you clothed Adam and Eve as they left the garden, please give us the protection we need to stay healthy – physically and emotionally.

...who frees the captive. Free those carrying the burden of the community.  Be present to them so that they do not feel alone in their decisions.

...who lifts up the fallen. Help us to recover, to stand straight again. Please send special blessings to the families and friends of those who have died or are suffering.

...who makes firm each person's steps. Give the leaders of our nation and all nations the resolve and the patience to deal with this crisis in the way that You would have them act.

...who girds our people Israel with strength. Let us come together as a community of support so that we are not isolated and alone.  Let us find strength in You.

...who crowns Israel with glory. Let us still find the holiness in every day, in big and small ways.

...who gives strength to the weary. Give strength to those working in the medical clinics and hospitals and to helpers everywhere.

...who removes sleep from my eyes, slumber from my eyelids. Let me one day soon wake up to praise Your name first and not to think about tragedy and fear. Let all humanity arise from slumber and fight injustice wherever it may occur. 

Let each of us understand what our role is in this effort to repair the world in partnership with You, so that one day You will be One and Your name will be One.

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