Our Beginnings, in Haiku

October 3, 2022Rebecca Tullman

Parashat B'reishit Haiku

in the beginning
Oneness breathed us into life
we are unity

Parashat Noach Haiku

at Babel we learn
build up your community
not silly towers

Parashat Lech-Lecha Haiku

covenant begins
binding us to the Divine
move towards holiness

Parashat Vayeira Haiku

all we need is here
if we assist each other
to open our eyes

Parashat Vayeira 2 (Akedah) Haiku

One tests Abraham
never speaks to him again
guess he failed the test

Parashat Chayei Sarah Haiku

how does kindness look?
like so much heavy lifting
be kind anyway

Parashat Toldot Haiku

sibling rivalry
parents playing favorites
gonna be messy

Parashat Vayetze Haiku

actions will move us
towards Oneness or away
check your direction

Parashat Vayishlach Haiku

we are Israel
we struggle with Divinity
since love is a verb

Parashat Vayeshev Haiku

sibling rivalry
parents playing favorites
why didn't we learn?

Parashat Miketz Haiku

Joseph - different
marches to his own drumbeat
and so, saves them all

Parashat Vayigash Haiku

says "I am Joseph"
with these words, wholeness restored
family is one

Parashat Vayechi Haiku

play to your own strengths
If we all work together
we will all flourish

Genesis Haiku

strive towards Oneness
though sometimes we do fall short
it is everything

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