Tune In to This New Podcast About Israel!

Israeli activist Anat Hoffman launches "ANATomy," available now
February 17, 2020Kate Bigam Kaput

Looking for your new favorite listen? We're excited to share that Anat Hoffman, head of the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC), has launched a new podcast, "ANATomy: Exploring the Heart and Bones of Israel," an introduction to the country’s past and the present, its national and political DNA, modern Israeli culture, and everyday Israel — the beautiful and the less photogenic side, the profanities and the poetry.

Currently available on Spotify and omny.fm, Hoffman says of the new endeavor, "I invite you to join me on this journey of getting to know Israel. It will be a trip that will be depressing yet optimistic, tragic yet comedic." Check out the current episodes: 

  1. In the first episode, Anat kicks off the podcast by talking about public transportation in Israel on Shabbat, hummus, Israeli women, the "hametz law," and the beloved Israeli phrase "yalla, bye." Listen to episode one on Spotify or omny.fm.
  2. In episode two, Anat tries to explain, as she says, "what the hell is happening in Israeli politics," and she talks about Israeli apps, going to the mikveh (ritual bath), and more. Listen to epiode two on Spotify or omny.fm
  3. In the third episode, Anat discusses Prime Minister Netanyahu’s indictments, examines the Law of Holy Places, explains the Israeli word "hadata," introduces one of Israel’s foremost singers, and makes the case for "why we should all be suckers for Israel." Listen to episode three on Spotify or omny.fm.
  4. In this episode, Anat talks about minorities in Israel, Israel's famous feminist in Israel, how to make shakshuka, and exactly how easy it is to get two years in Israeli prison. Listen to episode four on Spotify or omny.fm.

Season one is underway, so tune in now — and while you're add it, check out reformjudaism.org/podcasts for more Reform-oriented podcasts you're sure to love. 

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