Galilee Diary: Reality

January 27, 2009

by Marc Rosenstein
(Originally published in Galilee Diary and Ten Minutes of Torah)

Altneuland = Oldnewland: Title of novel published in 1902 by Theodore Herzl, envisioning the Jewish state as a progressive, secular, German-speaking utopia.
Tel Aviv: The title of

Election Reflections

November 7, 2008

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Yesterday during lunch, Naomi, one of my colleagues, told the following story:

Her father was a poll worker in Wisconsin on Election Day. An elderly African-American woman came in to vote.

Growing Up is Hard to Do

Donald C. Cutler
September 29, 2008

My fiancée and I recently joined a congregation about a block from our home. We went to the new member Shabbat, were called by the rabbi, welcomed by members and Abby (my future bride) was called this morning to read an aliyah on Rosh HaShanah.

The Immigration Stigma's Got to Go

September 26, 2008

Emily Schwartz is an intern at the Religious Action Center and a senior at The George Washington University.

When I Google the term "immigration," the first result to pop up is "Related searches: illegal immigration." The correlation is offsetting.