holy community

Kosher parchment; commonly refers to parchment inscribed with specific biblical verses (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 11:13-21) and placed within a mezuzah case.

The Jewish community or the whole of Israel; often used to refer to Jewish unity or solidarity.

Tearing the garment or black ribbon worn by immediate mourners (spouse, parents, children, siblings).


Literally, “respect/honor for the dead.” In Jewish tradition, preparing a body and holding a prompt funeral are important ways to honor the deceased.

"Acceptance of the commandments;" a ger's intent to live a Jewish life.

“Receiving Shabbat.” A special collection of prayers recited to welcome Shabbat on Friday evening. 

An Aramaic prayer recited in several iterations during a worship service. One iteration is Kaddish Yatom (Mourner’s Kaddish), which is recited by mourners (immediate family members) during the mourning period immediately following death, and on the yahrzeit (anniversary of a death).

"Bride;" plural: kallot

A conclave or retreat; plural: kallot

A green herb or vegetable (parsley, celery, watercress) used as part of the Passover seder to symbolize spring and rebirth.