Outdoor Recreation in Israel

Israel has plenty to do outdoors, and it's no coincidence that nearly every Birthright group is taken hiking. The beautiful scenery and variety of terrain can make even the most "indoors" of us want to spend a day in the sun.

The Coral Reef in Eilat extends for nearly 4,000 feet along the shore of the Red Sea and provides divers with the chance to experience a beautiful underwater world. There are several popular diving sites, and in Eilat there are many certified diving schools.

The Kinneret Trail takes hikers around the Sea of Galilee shoreline. 28 of the trail's 38 miles are cleared and divided into segments depending on skill level.

The Mt. Hermon Ski Resort (yes, you read that right) is popular in the winter for snowboarding, sledding, and skiing, though many more come just to see the fabulous view. It is typically open between January and March.

The Dolphin Reef Eilat provides visitors the opportunity to view dolphins in their natural habitat from floating piers and observation points. More adventurous travelers can even swim with them!

The Dead Sea, so-called because the amount of salt in the water precludes the possibility of underwater life, is the lowest point on earth. Visitors can float leisurely in the water and utilize the various healing and spa opportunities the sea provides.

Camel Rides in the heart of the Judean desert are a first for most Western tourists. Kfar Hanokdim, one place where visitors can ride camels, offers a variety of tours of varying lengths.

The Israel National Trail is not for the faint of heart- it extends all the way across Israel from south to north and is approximately 620 miles long.