Early Childhood Education

How We Empower Religious School Students in the Face of Antisemitism

Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal
Merissa Hochberg
Amanda Phillips
We find that many of our students are overworked, stressed, burnt-out, and facing antisemitism from a young age – oftentimes before their Jewish identities are fully formed. But as Jewish educators, we see our students only once a week, for somewhere between one and two hours depending on their ages.

Rosh HaShanah Resources for Parents – Intentional Modeling

Jennifer Magalnick
July 31, 2012
Following the strategy of intentional modeling, in thinking about what you will do for your kids at Rosh HaShanah this year, first think about what you want to do for YOU!  It’s a stretch, I know, but if it makes you feel better it is ultimately a great thing to do for your kids.