Cultural Institutions in Israel

For such a young country, Israel has some of the best cultural institutions and traditions in the world. For those interested in theater, dance, history and more, we recommend checking out these world-class establishments.

The Bahai Gardens in Haifa are simply one of the most beautiful sites Israel has to offer. In fact, they have often been called "The Eight Wonder of the World". Extending over 19 terraces, the gardens contain works of sculpture art along with sumptuous landscape design.

The Israel National Museum of Science in Haifa features more than 600 interactive exhibits and 7 Cinematrix multi-sense 3-D movies. Additionally, the museum highlights and educates visitors about Israel's scientific and technological contributions to the world.

The First Aliyah Museum is dedicated to the lives of Jewish immigrants who came to Israel between 1882 and 1904, which is considered the first Zionist wave of Aliyah. Screened at the museum is a movie thought to be the oldest shot in Israel- shot in 1913, it depicts Tel Aviv in its earliest days.

The Jerusalem Cinematheque hosts The Jerusalem International Film Festival and the Jewish Film Festival, along with regularly bringing the best films the world has to offer to Jerusalem. It also boasts a terrific restaurant with awe-inspiring views of the Old City.