Divorce Etiquette

How prevalent is divorce within the Jewish community, and how does the rate compare with divorce in the general population?

When Jews Divorce: What Do We Tell Our Children?

Rabbi John L. Rosove
In consultation with a child development expert and depending on children’s developmental and emotional needs, spouses should agree on how and when they will explain their divorce to their children and how they will relate to their children following the announcement.

When Jews Divorce: Frequently Asked Questions

Rabbi John L. Rosove
Few events in life are as destabilizing, disappointing, painful, or sad as divorce. When a couple marries, neither expects the marriage to end in divorce. Read about the Reform Jewish perspective on legitimate grounds for divorce and answers to your questions about the process.

Yes, There Is a Reform Divorce Document

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Rabbi Simeon J. Maslin
Today, the Reform Movement in the United States accepts civil divorce as completely dissolving the marriage and permitting the remarriage of the divorced persons. No get or any substitute form of religious divorce is required.

Mourning a Marriage

Rabbi Laura Geller
" When a man divorces the wife of his youth, even the altar of God sheds tears." (Gittin 90b)