Jewish Ethics

Staying Connected with Our Loved Ones Even When we Disagree 

Rabbi Toby H. Manewith
Rachel Margolis, RJE
Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel on October 7th and Israel’s ongoing response has stirred emotions both within and outside the Jewish community. Over the next weeks, as family and friends gather for holiday celebrations, there may be differences of opinion. Here are a few tips from Jewish sources to help maintain loving relationships while disagreeing.


Hanan Harchol
Hanan Harchol's new animation, "Justice/Charity/Tzedakah," is part of Jewish Food For Thought: The Animated Series -- a collection of animated conversations that explore Jewish teachings on themes such as forgiveness, love, and gratitude. In these animations, Hanan impersonates the voices of his mother and father, z"l.

How to Be Truly Caring to People in Need

Rabbi Sandi Intraub
We all want to show our love, concern and support to our friends and neighbors in need, in the ways that will be welcome and helpful. Indeed, we know that it is a mitzvah (sacred obligation) in Judaism to visit the sick and console the bereaved. And, while we have these mitzvot, Judaism also outlines specific rules and boundaries to make sure we respect the needs and dignity of the people we are helping.

Humility: What Does Judaism Teach Us?

Hanan Harchol
Rabbi Leora Kaye
Can being humble actually be a source of strength? What does it mean to be “like the earth?” How can I let go of needing the recognition of others, and if I support the advancement of others, can it lead to my own growth as well? What does it mean to bend?